Galicia (Spain) is committed to the use of unmanned craft (drones)

The Xunta de Galicia (Autonomous Government of Galicia, Spain) has opted for the use of unmanned craft (aerial, aquatic and terrestrial drones) in different activities, such as the control of the water quality of rivers and reservoirs, the improvement of the security of the fishing fleet, the control of poaching, surveillance of urban illegalities, rapid access to cartographic and topographical information, or monitoring of forests to avoid fires.

In fact, within the framework of the Civil UAVs Initiative, Axencia de Innovación (Innovation Agency) has tendered five projects, with a total amount of 7.2 million Euros, that seek to develop concrete solutions to improve public services through the drones.

In order to improve fleet security and control of illegal fishing, the Xunta wants the entire fishing fleet operating under 14 miles to carry on board a device that continuously monitors the location of the vessel and offers data in time that determine if there is a problem. That unit should also record which fishing gear the vessel is carrying and which fishing gears are being actually used in order to detect possible illegal practices. The idea is that in the relevant cases the device sends an alert and a drone goes to the place to determine if the alarm is justified, which entails economic and human lives cost savings as the drones will have to operate in the meteorological conditions more adverse and both day and night.


Source: Faro de Vigo