Civil Law,
Commercial Law
and Intellectual Property Rights5

The specialization of our team in Business Law positions HUARTE INTERNATIONAL as a national and international firm of reference regarding comprehensive legal advice on commercial and intellectual property practice. The firm offers practical solutions for existing legal issues and foresees potential disputes that may occur, which implies considerable savings for its clients. Additionally, the office offers services aimed directly at individuals within the civil area, such as family law, contract law and inheritance law. It is important to emphasize that HUARTE INTERNATIONAL has experts in civil and commercial mediation, which currently represents a fundamental tool in dispute resolution. Therefore, the following services can be mentioned:

    Commercial law area:
    • Preparation, negotiation and analysis of business agreements.
    • Establishment, transformation and dissolution of corporations.
    • Unfair competition acts.
    • Default of payment claims.
    • Bankruptcy procedures.
    • Extrajudicial negotiations.
    Intellectual Property law area:
    • Legal advice on the legal system of copyrights, right to honor as well as privacy and image rights.
    • Acquisition of contents.
    • Legal advice on the licensing system of intellectual property rights.
    Civil law area:
    • Family law: marriage, matrimonial property regime, parentage and adoption.
    • Contract law.
    • Liability.
    • Inheritance law.